The Future of
Medicinal Cannabis


The Future of
Medicinal Cannabis


The Future of
Medicinal Cannabis

We are convinced of the medicinal properties and we believe in the health effects of products based on Medicinal Cannabis.

Increasingly greater numbers of users and medical professionals share this belief with us. The worldwide market of Medicinal Cannabis is growing, we are focusing on countries leading the way regarding the production and use of cannabis products, like Germany, Italy and Denmark.


Our production facility will open Q4 2022 in Ohrid, Macedonia

We cultivate Medicinal Cannabis of the best quality and provide this throughout the year on demand to the European pharmaceutical industry. We focus on patients’ health, without any concession.

Our cannabis meets all legal guidelines regarding the manufacturing of medicinal products, following the requirements for GLOBAL GAP compliance and the European guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Ultimately creating The Nedcann Standard for Medicinal Cannabis production.

Significant material suppliers

We use only the Top End as our Supplier Partners


EU-GMP Clean Rooms

PPG Cleanrooms (POLI PANEL GROUP CO) is a specialist in Cleanroom Technology, with offices in Turkey, Macedonia and Slovenia, with over 200 skilled employees. They are a general Turn-Key Cleanroom Contractor and Leading Partner for every aspect of our project. The company has  over 30 years experience in Cleanroom Design, Construction, Installation and Validation. We work with the most advanced Cleanroom Technologies.

Airsupplies - Dimlux

Optimal control, maximum performance!

The Dimlux Expert Series is the most advanced complete lighting system on the market. The Dimlux Expert Series combines the best of two worlds. The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector in combination with the Xtreme ballast and the Maxi Controller is a complete fixture with the highest level of reflector efficiency and light output on the market.

Airsupplies - Opticlimate

Climate management throughout the year.

The innovative OptiClimate climate system is designed for the ideal indoor climate. The OptiClimate is the only true total solution for controlling indoor climate and has the unique feature that it can simultaneously cool, heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air. Can be concealed invisibly. The OptiClimate offers the optimum climate and optimum humidity for every application. The OptiClimate has a very high dehumidification capacity. The OptiClimate is the solution for industrial production, critical processes and / or storage with specific humidity requirements.


Created with the Nedcann standard.


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