Mastering the health
benefits of the Medicinal
Cannabis plant

About Nedcann

We are fascinated by the cannabis plant and cultivate Medicinal Cannabis of the highest quality, easily accessible for all sectors of the worldwide market, who intend to produce products that will benefit people in need of resolving their health issues.

Ultimately creating The Nedcann Standard for Medicinal Cannabis production.

With our many years of experience and know-how, using state of the art equipment and techniques, we cultivate pharmaceutical-grade Medicinal Cannabis and provide it on-demand, throughout the whole year, on the worldwide market, especially to the European pharmaceutical industry.

Nedcann’s goal is to become the leader in establishing the standards for indoor production of Medical Cannabis and help set the framework for future cultivators and producers in the mission to provide the safest product for the patients.

The worldwide market for Medicinal Cannabis is growing rapidly. We are focusing on countries leading the way in production and use of Medicinal Cannabis products, like Germany, Italy and Denmark. Scientific evidence show a correlation between the usage of products derived from Medicinal Cannabis and positive results in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pain during cancer, phantom pain, side effects of treatment with chemotherapy/radiotherapy, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and others.

Our Medicinal Cannabis, grown exclusively indoors in controlled environment, meets all the legal guidelines regarding the production of medicinal products. Nedcann produces Medicinal Cannabis following the European guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the requirements for GLOBAL GAP compliance. Patient’s safety and health without any concessions are the main focus of our work and they are set as the core value of our company.

In the effort to provide the best quality of Medicinal Cannabis products to the patients worldwide, we have partnered with Perfect Plants. With over 40 years of biogenetics experience in the global tissue culture industry, Perfect Plants currently produces over 30 million plant & tissue culture products per year for over 100 customers in The Netherlands.

Management Team

We, as the Nedcann team, are dedicated in ensuring accessibility to the Medicinal Cannabis plant in its safest form. We are fascinated by the active substances of the plant and its potential to help people suffering from a large variety of diseases.

Team work

CEO Message

“Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to produce Medicinal Cannabis of the highest quality possible.”

Due to the local high potential, we have opened our indoor Medicinal Cannabis nursery in Macedonia. We produce Medicinal Cannabis of the best quality for the lowest price possible. We strive to be the best supplier worldwide, without any compromises. We truly want to be the number one in everything we do and we guarantee our customers a consistent supply of superior quality products all-year-round.

Our Mission

To be the consistent provider of legal Medicinal Cannabis of the highest quality to the worldwide market. Aiming to make Medicinal Cannabis easily accessible for all sectors who intend to create products that will benefit people in need of resolving their health issues. To set the standardisation of indoor cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis in totally controlled environment.

Our Vision

To bring the health benefits of the cannabis plant closer to the ones in need and make them easily accessible for all the patients in the World.

Our Facility

Our Medicinal Cannabis production facility, one of the largest indoor factories in Europe, is located in Ohrid, Macedonia. We strongly believe that cultivating Medicinal Cannabis in greenhouses does not ensure plants of stable quality. Indoor farming, as we are, serves as a solution since it enables monitoring and total control of the complete growing process of the plant. In this cultivation process, nothing is left to chance and all processes needed can constantly be optimized. We like to be in control.

Our Growth

We presently have 10 flowering rooms and with our phase 1, we will have a total of 26 flowering rooms by December of 2022. From 2023, flowering rooms will be added monthly reaching a total of 96 indoor rooms by 2025. Phase 1 consists of 6,300 m2 and will be extended to 11,000 m2 in phase 2 and up to 22,000 m2 in phase 3. Total flowering and  operational surface will be over 20,000m2. Our premises could facilitate a further extension of 20,000 m2.

The optimal combination and controlled monitoring of fertilization, temperature, humidity, light, water, and COplay a major role in optimizing the Medicinal Cannabis production. Several test rooms have been built to continuously experiment with fertilizers, bacterial and fungal preparations, to initiate enzymatic processes in the Medicinal Cannabis plants, enhanced by the implementing of new LED technologies.

Nursery Rooms

The minimum output per square meter is 500+ grams of flowers which can be harvested at least five times per year,  yielding approximately three kilograms per square meter. Optimising the factors like light, fertilisation, and CO2 may increase the yearly production with an additional 1.2 kilograms.


Using state of the art equipment, fully EU GMP compliant, our labs are accessible to whomever may require testing services.

Totally controlled

We cultivate Medicinal Cannabis of the best quality in indoor facilities with total control over the production process from the plant clones to the climate, fertilizers, CO2, humidity, light and turbo-boosting, all monitored by CCTV cameras, using sensors and the latest software.

Energy efficient

Each nursery is equipped with cooling panels, air-conditioning and 55 lights. In the long term, we have the intention to develop our own, sustainable LED-lights. The water we use gets filtered, purified and wastewater is recycled with high efficiency.