Stephan van Gerven – CEO

Advisor/Consultant to numerous Institutes on optimum Cannabis growing methods.
Experienced entrepreneur and founder of Nedcann B.V.
Former owner of a Dutch nursery
Profound knowledge for high quality cannabis cultivation and trained user of Airsupply systems.

An adviser and consultant to numerous International Institutes on the optimizing of all the necessary factors and Cannabis growing methods for maximum results in high-quality cannabis cultivation.

Has developed strategic relationships with a wide range of the key companies related to cannabis cultivation and processing and due to his broad knowledge has been involved in the execution of numerous multi-layered projects.

A seasoned entrepreneur and highly regarded professional, the founder of Nedcann B.V.

Former owner of a Dutch nursery shop with a strong background and profound know-how of the optimal circumstances to cultivate cannabis stemming from the more than 28 years of experience in the field.  A proficient user of Airsupplies as a closed system for the optimum cultivation of cannabis.